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Human waste

Onsernone Valley, Switzerland. In the summer of 2016 an excursionist comes across a piece of putrefied human leg. It’s the 9th of August. Weeks afterwards, the police identify the victim, an illegal 57-year-old Macedonian laborer working for a nearby mountain farm.  The corpse, however was never found. On September the 11th a bodiless Christian orthodox funerary ritual is celebrated. RESTO UMANO is a docudrama, inspired by this event, intertwining real sounds and interviews recorded on the spot with elements of fiction. 


Autore: Daniel Paul Bilenko e Alessio Sturaro. Voce recitante: Matteo Carssini

Durata: 22' 30''

Ente produttore: Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana

Trasmesso su: Radiotelevisione svizzera - Rete Uno

Tag:  Lavoro, Immigraione, Migranti, Svizzera


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