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Abdullahi: il migrante somalo diventato mediatore culturale in Italia

“To make a good integration activity is required to prepare the social context” claims Abdullahi Ahmed, Somali refuge arrived in Italy in 2008. Moved to a refugee shelter in Settimo Torinese (North of Italy), he learnt Italian and he started to work as cultural mediator. Nowadays his best passion and mission is telling his story to young people and he made it with over 10 thousand students now. A strategy to make people aware about why human beings are forced to become migrants. 


Autore: Simona Carnino, Carolina Lucchesini

Durata: 5' 16''

Ente produttore: Regione Piemonte

Trasmesso su: Internazionale

Tag:  Integrazione, Immigrazione, Migranti


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