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Canguro Precario

Adriano is 26 years old and he’s willing to do anything to work, even to go around dressed like a kangaroo. The authors spend time with him, including Facebook ads and telephone interviews. Among the jobs he makes the room assistant in one of the most famous Italian museums. Here, where the entrance fee is 14 euro per person, he works with fixed working hours, every day, without a signed contract, paid 5 euro per hour. And when he can’t go, he have to find a substitute on whatsapp, full of flexworkers waiting, ready to replace.  


Autore: Salvatore Gulisano, Mirko De Angelis

Durata: 4’ 29’’

Ente produttore: Magnolia spa

Trasmesso su: La7

Tag:  Lavoro, Giovani, Precariato


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