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Il paese si tassa per ospitare una famiglia di profughi

At Coriano, in the riminese hinterland, 100 families have decided to pay a kind of  tax to give a refuge to a Sririan family. The saving of 15 euros per month by many families of the little country, will help the family during their first year in Italy. During this year, the family will have to study Italian language, and be part of the local community. Gilda and Max, the couple who have encouraged the action among the community, go with them in their firs walk around the village, at the discovery of the place where they are going to live.  

Serena Saporito

Autore: Serena Saporito

Durata: 2’ 31’’

Ente produttore: Iniziative editoriali

Trasmesso su: La 7 - L'aria che tira

Tag:  Rifugiati, Siria, Migrants


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