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I'm safe

"In Libya it is a living hell", "When I go back home, I'll marry you", "I'm safe". How many information pass through a telephone line? "I'm safe" is the journey of the Red Cross Tracing Bus through the long and narrow Italy. It is a four-wheel phone box that allowed to more than a thousand people - met in the main transit places - to call their families in their origin countries. "I'm safe" is the intimate story of what media don't show in a route of 5000 kilometers, from Ventimiglia to Lampedusa. 

Emiliano Albensi

Autore: Emiliano Albensi

Durata: 2’ 25’’

Ente produttore: Croce rossa italiana

Trasmesso su: Inedita

Tag:  Immigrazione, Rifugiati, Richiedenti asilo, Migranti


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