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Ciao mamma, vado in Africa (Trailer)

Martina wants to become a pediatrician, she decides to leave for Tanzania and stay there for six months. Over there Martina meets Sara, pediatrician-to-be too, who has never seen a child die. Together they have to face extreme situations and get to know a new culture, where life and death are experienced daily more in depth. Without pietism, they explain why a lot of young people choose to leave and take a challenge where their help is more needed. 


Autore: Nicola Berti, Marco Lodoli

Durata: 25’ 26”

Ente produttore: Medici con L'Africa Cuamm

Trasmesso su: Tv2000

Tag:  Salute, Africa, Volontariato, Cuamm, Pediatria


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