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Glyphosate, the herbicide harms the health of the world?

Glyphosate is the most widely sold herbicide in the world. It is chemical which doesn't discriminate and kills every plant it comes into contact with. In March of 2016 the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified this substance as possibly carcinogenic to human. In proportion, the population that uses it most is Argentine who has invested in genetically modified agriculture in which glyphosate is use. However, since this agricultural practice has been used there have been worrying medical developments.


Autore: Alessandro Casati, Gaetano Pecoraro

Durata: 25' 44''

Ente produttore: Mediaset Rti

Trasmesso su: Italia 1 – Le Iene

Tag:  Inquinamento, Salute, Agricoltura


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