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The other side (Trailer)

Mauro Ramerio is a poet and actor. He lives in a park in Milan and he sleeps on a slide where children play during the day. He often collaborates with the Bar Boon Band, the renowned clochard music band of Milan, writing performances that he plays with them. His dream would be to have a home or, better, a small room as he calls it, where to read and write his lyrics even in the winter. For the moment he gives his verses under the moon to the lucky casual adventurers who pass near his bench. He's in love with Sonia but he still hasn't proposed.


Autore: Massimo Fanelli

Durata: 15’

Ente produttore: Technogest Roma - Ciac onlus

Trasmesso su: Inedito

Tag:  Povertà, Senza Dimora, Teatro


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