Award Regulation

“L’ANELLO DEBOLE” prize - 13th edition

1) The L’anello debole (The weakest link) prize, granted by the Comunità di Capodarco, is awarded to the best short pieces of journalistic audio & visual work (investigative reports, reportage, documentaries), to the best fiction short films featuring social and/or environmental content, produced using any technique (including animation).

2) The L’anello debole prize is an international contest. Applicants from anywhere in the world may participate. No age or professional restrictions apply.

3) The 4 categories open to entrants are:
a) audio shorts (investigative reports, reportage, documentaries);
b) social realism short films (investigative reports, reportage, documentaries);
c) fiction short films;
d) “Super shorts” films.

4) Short films (audio and visual) that are shortlisted will meet high technical and storytelling standards; they will adhere to high journalistic or filmic standards, and will approach their subject matter respectfully and tactfully, in particular for those who are most vulnerable and people on the margins of society. Short films made in aid of marketing or promoting non profit organisations or public bodies will not be shortlisted, unless they feature specific qualitative attributes or for their originality.

Selection process

5) An initial shortlist of the audio and visual short films submitted will be made by a group of people appointed by the Comunità di Capodarco, and by the editorial team of Redattore sociale.

6) The special jury will decide and rate which films, amongst those already shortlisted, will become finalists in each category. Said films will be judged by the people’s jury.

7) The people’s jury will be made up by members of the public of different age groups, including high school students, who have specifically signed up to take part. Members of the jury will vote for the shortlisted films during the “Capodarco l’Altro festival”, abiding by specific rules and regulations which dictate how votes shall be allocated. Each member of the jury will hold an identity badge.

8) The special jury’s votes and the people’s jury’s votes will be processed, adhering to the above specific rules. The winners will be announced on the closing night of the “Capodarco l’Altro festival”.


9) There will be 4 (four) winning short films, one for each contest category. Ex-aequo prizes are possible. The special jury may award a “Special Jury Prize” to their relevant category, in addition to a special mention. Even the Comunità di Capodarco may award one or more special prizes choosing amongst all the pieces of work in contest.

10) Each of the 4 winning works will receive a pendant featuring the L’anello debole prize logo and a cash prize:
a) audio shorts: € 1.500,00;
b) social realism short films: € 1.500,00;
c) fiction short films: € 1.500,00;
d) “Super shorts” films: € 1.000,00.

In the event of ex-aequo, the cash prize will be equally shared amongst the winners. The works awarded with a “Special Jury Prize” and the "Special prize of the Comunità di Capodarco" will receive a pendant featuring the “L’anello debole” award logo.

Application and Submission

11) Each individual entering the “L’anello debole” contest, can submit only one piece of work for each category. Submission of the same short film to more than one category is not admitted. Participation to the audio shorts category of o work submitted in a visual category is not admitted.
The works must adhere to the following standards:
- audio shorts: running time is no shorter than 3’ and no longer than 25’.
- social realism short films and fiction short films: running time is no shorter than 3’ and no longer than 25’;
- “Super short” films: running time is no longer than 3’.

12) Formats supported:

  • audio shorts: MP3 files at 128 Kbps-44 Hz or above, on digital audio CD. International works in a foreign language must be accompanied by a full audio transcription in Italian (preferred) or in English;
  • video shorts and “Super short” films: DVD-VIDEO (PAL), or Blu-ray in its original version and supporting .MP4 at highest resolution, aspect ratio 16/9. For International works in a foreign language, if not subtitled in Italian, the list of dialogues is required (in english or italian) in .srt file format with precise start and stop minutes for every single line.

Each video - except the “Super shorts” films - must be submitted along with a trailer or a one to two minute long excerpt selected by its filmmaker. The format must be a high resolution .mp4 file.

13) Each contestant will have to pay a submission fee of €15,00 (fifteen euros) for each work submitted.

14) Documents required:
- Application form and waiver every part of which must be filled out and signed
- Short excerpt or trailer of the work
- Brief biography of the author
- A photograph of the author
- One or more frames of the work (for the video works)

15) You can apply choosing from one of the following options:

  • online via the Movibeta platform (, uploading works, filling the Application form and waiver, paying the submission fee (art. 13) and uploading the other documents/materials requested above (art. 14). The trailer can be uploaded to the reserved area at this link
  • standard and mail, sending works on digital DVD or audio CD or USB memory stick, based on following indications:
    • each work must be sent in double copy, for each format as per art. 13, to: Segreteria Premio L’anello debole, c/o Comunità di Capodarco, via Vallescura nr. 47 – 63900 – Capodarco di Fermo (FM) – Italy;
    • each work must be accompanied by: Registration and release form available at this link, signed and completed in every parts; author/s’ curriculum vitae; author/s’ photo, proof of payment of the enrolment fee (art.14). All the above mentioned material must also be sent by email to;
    • payment of the submission fee, quoting reference “L’anello debole 2017”, can be made:
        • via bank transfer, IBAN code: IT42U0615069661CC0221003899 (Swift: CRFEIT3FXXX), payable to Redattore sociale s.r.l.
        • via a postal giro slip to A/N 52395126, payable to Redattore sociale s.r.l.
        • via bank or giro credit transfer to postal account Iban: IT41R0760113500000052395126, payable to Redattore sociale s.r.l.

16) All the audio and visual works may be both, unreleased or previously released, providing said works have been directed and released after 1st July 2017.

17) A parent or guardian must fill in and sign the Registration form and waiver on behalf of a minor, followed by the applicant’s full details.

18) All works and accompanying materials must be sent by Monday 25th March 2019 (postmark will be checked). Works can be given back on author’s request. Shipping costs shall be paid by the applicant.

Distribution and Archives

19) All audio and visual shorts will be projected and/or broadcasted during the 2019 “Capodarco l’Altro festival”, in a number of venues around the Fermo province, for the sole viewing purpose of the people’s jury and the general public.

20) Works that pass the pre-selection stage, as per article 5, will be published on the Anello Debole and the festival website,, according to the filmmaker’s choice stated in the Registration form and waiver. These works can also be viewed on the web sites of the Redattore sociale’s network, according to the filmmaker's permission. 

21) All the materials submitted will be kept in a public archive in the Comunità di Capodarco. Any member of the public is eligible to view said materials, providing this has been previously arranged with the management. Works donated to the archive will be utilised for educational, study and research purposes, as well as to impart information on social issues and the environment. Materials may not be used for commercial purposes.

General Rules

22) Authors have sole responsibility for any filmed footage. The content of all shorts entering the contest must be fully cleared, in accordance to the guidelines set by Siae, and the current laws on authorship. The Capodarco l’Altro festival declines any responsibility thereof.

23) Authors whose works reach the final, will be guests of the Comunità di Capodarco.

24) In the event of a dispute, the case will be referred to the Fermo Court.

25) Festival participation is subject to acceptance of all the aforementioned rules and regulations.



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