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Hand in the cap (Trailer)

Sonia is a forty year old woman, a strong mother. She lives at home with her son Andrea, a twenty-year-old boy with severe motor and neurological damage. Andrea is partly disconnected from reality, abandoned to his forced solitude, but all that surrounds him excites. Andrea feels the need to masturbate. Sonia desperately looks for ways to make it happy son, satisfy his need. Nothing seems to be effective, not even the help of one Romanian prostitute, who makes him so nervous that he screams in the darkness of his small room of pain and fear. Andrea doesn't know and will never know, but asks for love. He feels the physical need for being masturbated, he feels that thrill where even a paralytic's legs would shake. Sonia masturbates him, and his scream of pain subsides into an orgasm.


Autore: Adriano Morelli

Durata: 7' 38"

Ente produttore: Sly production


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