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Racconti dal Palavesuvio

A sport centre abandoned for several years, the “Palavesuvio” in Ponticelli, is central to the tales of the people in the neighborhood. Recollections of daily life and old memories get mixed with current events. The contradictions between the historical building and the ones who hope the “Palavesuvio” can revive, despite the difficulties.
In the Five Towers (“Cinque Torri”) Housing Estate, a huge development home to one thousand people, we find an always lively and manifold universe, mindful of the past and full of doubts and concerns.


Autore: Luca Ciriello

Durata: 14' 16"

Ente produttore: Atelier di Cinema del Reale "Filmap" - Antonella Di Nocera

Trasmesso su: Festival dei Popoli


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