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What’s behind a visually impaired eighteen-year-old’s decision to climb mountains? Putting one foot in front of the other, Gabriele Scorsolini, blind since birth, conquers the Marmolada peak. By his side is Claudio Migliorini, an Alpine guide who finds, thanks to Gabriele, a new dimension of hiking. The noises, the wind and the physical perception of hot and cold work as Gabriele’s inner compass amongst the ice and rocks, in the same way as his instincts guide him on the plastic surface of the synthetic walls in his climbing gym. The very one that’s earned him several medals for the Italian team


Autore: Caterina Dall'Olio, Andrea Postiglione

Durata: 24' 58"

Ente produttore: Tv2000

Trasmesso su: Tv2000


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