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Aspettando la Cuccagna (Trailer)

Summer 2019, in the apulian little town of Ceglie Messapica everything is ready for the XV Edition of the "Festival of the Games" that every year involves thousands people, driven by the only desire to play on the sunny streets. For five days everybody plays in many ways under the watchful and benevolent gaze of the Town Crier, Mirko Lodedo, composer, musician and "Pied Piper", who leads us to discovery an event that values traditional street games, pushing the whole community to a deeper reflection on the "sense of the game".


Autore: Simone Salvemini

Durata: 24' 15"

Ente produttore: La Kinebottega, Apulia film commission, Fondazione con il sud

Trasmesso su: XXI Festival Cinema Europeo Lecce


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