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Perso- Perugia Social Film Festival is documentary festival about social issues. Its aim is to show and describe the widest social panorama through the power of film images. The term “social” refers to every aspect of human being: his relationship with himself and with other several worlds. Human being is meant like the one who tries to find his real identity, beyond the role he chose to live in the society. The festival is organized by “La città del sole”, charity born in 1998 to promote social cohesion and to improve the quality life of people with social, psychic, sensorial and physical problems, with the aim to facilitate integration in normal life.

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Terra di Tutti Film Festival began in 2007, with the vital aim of giving a voice to the many documentary makers who use the video medium as a form of critical expression, scrutinising the world and the issues that affect the countries of the southern hemisphere. Sponsored by two non-governmental organisations working towards international cooperation for development, GVC (Gruppo di Volontariato Civile) and COSPE (Cooperazione per lo sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti), TTFF brings documentaries and social cinema from the global south to Bologna, with the aim of revealing the realities of life in these countries, of people and social battles that are often ‘invisible’ into discussion

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The Festival del Cinema dei Diritti Umani di Napoli brings cinema in the suburbs and in the most marginal places of the city of Naples. The aim is to meet those kind of people often keep out of the main mass media. The festival includes other collateral events in the city centre about human rights and associations in the world working for that. It involves schools, universities and neighborhood associations in the events and will be accompanied by a film competition, "Mediterranean rights and fights", opened to short and long films concerning social engagement and connected to the circuits of qualified networks, such as Human rights Film Network and the Rete del caffè sospeso.

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Since 1991 the Festival del Cinema Africano, d’Asia e America Latina has been a firmly established appointment for filmgoers in Milan and elsewhere. It is the only Festival in Italy –and one of the only three in Europe – wholly devoted to films about the reality and cultures of Africa, Asia and Latin  America  and Italian cinema of research on the topics of diversity, travel and cultural diversity in Italy. It's organized and promoted by an NGO, Associazione Centro Orientamento Educativo (COE). In the 50 years of its history, this association has been committed in Italy and in other countries in the world to forming a freer and  more caring society, renewed in culture.

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