People's jury

People's jury judges the finalists works for the L'anello debole (Weakest link) prize during the Capodarco l'Altro festival. Everybody who wants to join it can fill in the registration form and send it to or to the fax number 0039 0734 233370. The people’s jury will be made up by members of the public of different age groups, who have specifically signed up to take part. During the edition 2019, 100 people took part in it, including high school students and prisoners. 

How to vote
Members of the jury will vote for the shortlisted films during the “Capodarco l’Altro festival”, abiding by specific rules and regulations which dictate how votes shall be allocated. Each member of the jury will hold an identity badge and write their vote in four different list, marked with different colours depending on the category (audio shorts, realism shorts, fiction shorts, super shorts). Finally the people’s jury’s votes will be processed with the special jury's votes. The winners will be announced on the closing night of the “Capodarco l’Altro festival”.

Download the registration form for the people's jury


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